PhD Thesis (2009)

My PhD work highlights the applications of modern chromatographic technologies for the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in South African wines. During the program, I managed to develop fast, simple and very robust analytical methodologies for wine volatile analyses. Some of the highlights of my PhD works were being able to report many news volatile compounds in the South African wines for the first time and distinguishing the uniqueness of the South African signature wine variety: Pinotage. Feel free to download my PhD these here (PDF, 2.94 Mb).

MSc Thesis (2004)

Understanding the level of contaminations in our environment is a key to our survival. That could explain why I chose to carryout my MSc study on environmental analytical chemistry. The project involved on gathering both qualitative and quantitative information on Organochloro-Pesticides (OCPs) in Eritrean water and sediment samples, using sensitive analytical protocols. Although OCPs are very harmful chemicals to humans and animals and are banned decades ago, some of them are still in use as pest control in agricultural fields and in households. A PDF (27.73 Mb) of my MSc thesis can be found here.