Lately, I started to develop a burning desire for writing stories. The desire that emanates from within wasn’t just about any stories but stories of real people and real events; stories that carry volumes and speak to people in their own ways; stories that could be related to our daily lives and stories perhaps we never imagined of their existence. How often do we read stories of others and say, “Oh my God!” That is right, now and then we come across stories that leave us speechless. We associate some with our own experience and for some, we get shocked in disbelief. These are the kind of stories that are boiling inside me waiting to erupt like a volcano. And yes I am interested in writing stories that would speak to people; stories that can give insight and make a difference in any way possible.

The Lawless Nation

I must confess, I found writing hard. But I didn’t give up easily. I knew if I try harder, I could get it right. That is what I did when I wrote my first book: The Lawless Nation. I knew I would make it, if I keep trying no matter what. As Roy Bennett once said, “there are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.” He is right. I never stopped dreaming; never stopped believing; never stopped learning; and I didn’t give up. Every step of the way, I learned. Every challenge has taught me a lesson and I kept on learning. So was my new adventure on writing stories. I am learning by the minute.

Remorseless Cruelty

Remorseless Cruelty is my second book that made its way to the public already in the year 2019. The story is about Eritrea, a country torn apart by war, where personal ambitions, hopes and dreams of citizens were shuttered for good. I don’t want to spoil it for you; it would be better if you get a first-hand experience through the pages by yourself.

Living In Shadows

Living In Shadows narrates a personal journey and it is a memoir. As such the readers should expect very detailed and intimate accounts of my journey. You will learn a thing or two about me and most importantly, it will be an eye-opener in such a way that people are not what they seem from the outside. Beneath those eyes, there is a spark of different sorts; beneath that skin, there is an invisible tone that wants to show up; and beneath that smile, there is a message directed at you. Living In Shadows will undoubtedly remind you that behind every stranger’s face, there is a human being with hopes and dreams and a story to tell. 

If you are interested in getting a copy of my books, they are available on Amazon. The Lawless Nation is available as an ebook and paperback, whereas Remorseless Cruelty and Living In Shadows are only as a paperback. Alternatively, you can contact me for personal assistance.